After seven years of studying playing the piano at Basic Art School he graduated at Prague conservatory and AMU in field of trombone. Within some last years at the conservatory he accepted cooperation with J.A.R. as the player and leader of section Splash horns. He cut a records of some other interpreters at the field of the Czech music production with the Splash horns too. Here he managed to apply his knowledge and interest in arranging and composition. Beside J.A.R. he acted in formation Sexy Dancers and furthermore in a band accompanying Jarek Nohavica and in Neřež. He went through symphonic orchestras and orchestras in Prague musicals Dracula, Hair, Mise. With the music help of ILUSTRATOSPHERE he composed music for theatre performances Terasa and The stories of basic madness in arrangment of Petr Svojtka. He composed music for short-footage movie Frikasé in arrangment of Martin Krejčí too. He also composed music for feature film "Tri sezony v pekle" (T.Masin)